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Baileys Miniature 5cl

A little mini version of one of our favourite tipples. After all, what could be better than pouring a nice slug of Baileys over ice, settling down on the sofa and watching your favourite movie. On your own, or with someone special. Good times!

So what can we say about this delicious drink that hasn't already been said? For those that haven't tried Baileys (there can't be that many of you surely?!) it's the one and only truly original Irish Cream - that's a gorgeous creamy cream made from the milk of Irish cows and laced with a particularly wicked Irish Whiskey that's smoother than smooth and delectable on its own, adding a little kick to a hot drink or giving a fabulous flavour to desserts. It's wonderfully versatile and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

This miniature bottle makes a perfect accompaniment to most of our sensational sugarpokes - so if you can't find it paired up with your favourite and you fancy a tipple - just let us know and we'll team it up straight away for you.


For the full nutritional information and values, please visit the Baileys website where a full list of ingredients and allergen data can be obtained.

Please Note: Baileys contains alcohol and therefore must not be purchased or consumed by those under the age of 18.

Baileys Miniature 5cl
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