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sugarpokes: the DIY version!

Sometimes you might want a specific combination of yummy goodies that we haven't come up with (yet!), or just something a bit different to what you can see online.

Now, all you have to do is drop us a line using the form below and we'll put together the exact goodies you want, email you back with the cost (including 1st class postage, as always), and send you a link to your unique combination of sugarpoke goodies so you can order online as usual.

Simple, quick and hassle-free, just fill in the form below!

DIY sugarpokes...just for you!

Contact Phone Number (only if you wish to be contacted by phone):
Guideline Budget for your sugarpoke:
Who are you planning to sugarpoke? (male/female/age/occasion etc.)
What would you like in your sugarpoke? You can list specific contents or just give a more vague answer if you're after some inspiration!
Any other comments/information?
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