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Eat Cake! Average Rating:  5.0 / 5.0

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    • All the cakes are packed up lovingly into a white gift box with ribbon, wrapped in red tissue and vanilla shred so it looks great too!
    • 2 classic Panettones - delicious sweet Italian bread
    • 6 Cupcakes - a delicious, mouth watering selection of cupcakes. With amazing flavours they'll find it difficult of which one to choose first!
    • 2 bags of Nice Pear (Drops)! - nice size too! 20 Large Pear Drops dusted with sugar for a real Retropoke treat. Last a long, long time...
    • 2 bags of Winter Mixtures - chase the cold away with these fab fellas! An assortment of flavours that will get tastebuds tingling for sure!
    • Flying Saucers - 2 big bags filled with approx 40 of those sherbet filled beauties that some of us can remember from back in the day! Melt in the mouth with a little fizzy finish!
    • Fudge Me - A Bag of Fabulous Creamy Vanilla Fudge Cubes with a little fairy dusting of icing sugar. Scrumptious!
    • Shrimply Delicious - 2 bags of fun filled retro sweetness! Bring those memories back with approx 40 small ‘shrimp’ soft foam sweeties!
    • 2 Fry Ups! - Whether you prefer your eggs scrambled or fried, you won't be able to resist this bag of fun and fruity 'fried egg' fruit flavour foam and jelly gums. With approx 50 per bag, they're the best start to anyone's day!
    • 2 bags of Mini Love Hearts - for maxi love! 16 x mini tubes of colourful fizzy sweets with a love message on each sweet! Suitable for vegetarians
    • Enjoy cherries all year round! Happy Cherries are packed with a great cherry flavour - enjoy!
    • Who Love’s Ya Baby! - a real retropoke with a bag of 6 delicious assorted fruit flavoured lollies..... go on, free the taste!
    • Go Bananas! - who can forget these fellas! 2 bags of approx 40 small banana flavoured soft foam sweeties! Full of fun and full of flavour!
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A big box of cakes to send to a party or to send to your aunty and uncle as a treat! Ideal as a birthday gift.
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Linda Guest 5 of 5 Stars! (5 out of 5)
A friend at work was lucky enough to be sent a cake selection of Eat Cake. I happily helped her to eat it :) The cakes are moist and moreish and packed full of flavour. My favourite was the muffins that are totally delicious and and just the right size for with a cup of tea mid-morning. I was worried that the eat by dates might be too short for such a large hamper but the packaging ensures they stay fresh and they were gone long before the expiry dates. This is a lovely way to say thank you.
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