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'Personalised Jammin’ Sweetie Jar'only £10.99 including 1st class P&P*
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Send this brilliant jar jam-packed with Retro Sweeties and personalise with their name for that extra special touch! When you order we will be in touch to ask you what name you wanted on your jar.
    • Candy Necklace - remember these?! Fruit flavoured sweets on an elastic loop that makes the every sweet-loving fashionista's dream come true! Wear it or eat it... the choice will be theirs!
    • Mini Tube of Love Hearts - a pack of those ever popular sweeties complete with those fun slogans! What will they find on theirs? 'Blue Eyes', 'All Mine' or possibly 'Tweet Me' now they've been updated! Great fun with a hint of nostalgia.
    • 3 x Fruit Salad Chews - with updated ingredients, these fellas now only contain natural colours and flavouring, but still with that sensational raspberry and pineapple flavour that'll transport them back to their childhood in no time.
    • 3 x Black Jack Chews - the classic black chew that was chewier than a chewy thing, back with only natural colours and flavouring and still as delicious as we remember it!
    • 3 x Flying Saucers - big old colourful discs shaped like flying saucers filled with fizzy, powdery sherbet inside. Yum!
    • 3 x Sherbet Lemons - zingy fruity lemon flavoured sweeties with an explosion of sherbet in the middle to wake up those taste buds!
    • 3 x Mini Bananas - soft, foamy mini banana-shaped and banana-flavoured sweeties. Perfect for all those little monkeys out there!
    • 3 x Mini Shrimps - the ever popular retro sweet! Strawberry flavour foam fellas that stand the test of time!
    • 3 x Giant Strawberries - big, bold and just a little bit sour, these beauties aren't just for Wimbledon!
    • 3 x Mini Bubblegum Bottles - fizzy sour fruit flavour jellies that make tongues tingle! Delicious!
    • 3 x Happy Cherries - giant cherry flavoured fruity sweets... who wouldn't be happy with these boys!
    • Presented in a cute Retro Glass Jam Jar finished with a personalised label featuring the name of your choice!
    • Which card will you choose?!
Personalised gifts - perfect for birthdays, thank yous and anniversaries
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