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Sweet Fun DIY Pokeonly 14.99 including 1st class P&P*
Sweet Fun DIY Poke Average Rating:  5.0 / 5.0

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A Do It Yourself fun sweeties, cookies and chocolate sugarpoke containing:
    • Fizzy Pop! - a bag of fabulously fizzy bubblegum bottles. Sugar coated for that extra fizz these jelly gummy bottle shaped sweets look the part and taste sensational with their retro bubblegum flavour.
    • Go Bananas! - who can forget these fellas! A bag of approx 20 small banana flavoured soft foam sweeties! Full of fun and full of flavour!
    • Fry Up! - Whether you prefer your eggs scrambled or fried, you won't be able to resist this bag of fun and fruity 'fried egg' fruit flavour foam and jelly gums. With approx 50 per bag, they're the best start to anyone's day!
    • Hey Honey(comb)! - fabulous little boulders of honeycomb, coated in milk chocolate for a marriage made in heaven! A moreish 75g bag of treats for sure!
    • Milk Chocolate Fudge Sprinkles 40g - a milk chocolate bar covered in sprinkles and vanilla fudge pieces.
    • Percy - piggin lovely! A large yummy scrummy iced gingerbread deluxe pig shaped cookie 60g. Great for breakfast with a fried egg or two from the bag of Fry Ups!
    • Giant Double Choc Chunk Chip Cookie 90g - from the quirky Snak Shed, there's the bigger than most doubly delicious Double Choc Chunk Chip Cookie! With really chunky pieces of chocolate there's a double chocolate delight in every bite!
    • Choccie Toffee - a bag of 10 Chocolate Eclairs
    • Which card will you choose?!
DIY sugarpoke, put together just for you! If you'd like a different selection of goodies, please just let us know - it's easy to do!
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Liz Smith 5 of 5 Stars! (5 out of 5)
Wow wow wow!!! What can I say but baaaarilliant, faaabulous and amaaaazing!! Thank you so much for all the attention to detail and special care you put into producing the most wonderful Fathers' Day gift. From the one-on-one personal service and individual labels designed to create a theme (golf), to the imaginative packaging (letter-box friendly) and fast arrival. I really could not recommend these lovely people and SugarPoke.com highly enough. I shall be telling ALL my friends, ALL my family and ALL my lovely customers. My Dad was tickled pink by such a personalised and yummy gift. I shall be 'poking' again very soon. Thanks Ewe. Liz (A very happy customer) Director/Owner Little Stitches
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