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Vodka Popsonly 13.00 including 1st class P&P*
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On the rocks or just sweet... Contains:
    • 5cl Bottle of Vodka - triple distilled for purity this is Smirnoff at its best. Red label signifying premium vodka... perfect for a cocktail or as the Russian's do it - straight down baby! Pop it in the fridge to ensure maximum pleasure from an ice cold shot.
    • 3 x Drumstick Lollies - raspberry & milk flavour chewy lollies. With its distinct chewy texture and dual flavour, it's no wonder these luscious lollies have been a firm favourite for generations!
    • Fizzy Pop! - a bag of fabulously fizzy bubblegum bottles. Sugar coated for that extra fizz these jelly gummy bottle shaped sweets look the part and taste sensational with their retro bubblegum flavour.
    • Which card will you choose?!

Retro and fun! A great little treat for a birthday or something to celebrate with if they've done well!
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